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Little RugRatz is taking a break!

With so many personal changes happening within our family bundle, LRP will be taking a break for a few months to spend as much time with our Little Babes as possible! 

Thank you so much for your understanding, if you need some help planning your little one's big day, feel free to email us and we will send you some referrals! 


Proud Supporter of the

Hospital for Sick Children

As a thank you for all they have and continue to do on a daily, Little RugRatz Party Rental donates a portion of all Bundle earnings to the Hospital for Sick Children. It is with a happy heart that we lend a helping hand.

Party Rental Packages 

Little RugRatz Party Rental will provide soft and safe play equipment that allows children to explore and play safely during any occasion. Various size packages are available to fit the needs of your party size. Infant and Toddler size furniture is also available for any party or get together!  

Take a look at some of our packages below. All packages include foam floor tiles and have the option to be customized to fit your party needs. All our packages are kid approved, take a look for yourself 

Little Babes Bundle  

This bundle is designed for smaller, more intimate functions and events. First birthdays, showers, and much more. It is kid approved for infants and young toddlers, while stimulating fun and learning. 

Little RugRatz Bundle  

This bundle is great for larger functions and celebrations such as second and third birthdays, family barbecues & reunions and many more. Play materials in this bundle are geared towards toddlers and up but yet fun and playful for all ages. 

Little RugRatz Ultimate Bundle 

This package caters to larger celebrations such as weddings, baptisms and corporate events. Children of all ages will play for hours with all the various play materials offered. 

Endless Add Ons

Great for all outdoor occasions and celebrations from barbecues to family reunions. These add ons will add a special touch to your outdoor affair. From our Air Flow Bouncer to Animal Hoppers, your kids will surely have a great time.

For more information contact us today!

If you have any questions please feel free to let us know!